Baylor University Biosafety Program strives to provide guidance and support for biosafety research. We work closely with researchers to prevent/minimize personal, laboratory and environmental exposure to biological materials. We are here to provide guidance regarding laboratory containment, personal protective equipment, training, risk assessment,inspections, and guidance on biohazard waste management. Our office provides guidance on emergency plans for handling spills, personnel contamination, investigating laboratory incidents involving biological materials. We also serve as a resource for federal, state,and local safety guidelines and regulations.

  • Baylor University Biosafety Manual

Researcher Responsibilities

Biological safety begins with lab directors (faculty/lab managers/supervisors) providing lab-specific training regarding occupational risks associated with the research materials and procedures. As lab director/principle investigator, you are required to write safety program manuals, and where necessary, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) pertaining to the biological substances, hazardous materials, and methods used in your lab.

EHS Biosafety Services

The Biosafety Office has resources available to assist the Principal Investigator in developing risk assessments, biosafety training for laboratory personnel, and containment requirements. EHS Biosafety also conducts annual laboratory inspections and are available for laboratory site assessments in the event research objectives or biological materials are modified outside of the current laboratory biosafety designation. This includes review of SOPs and laboratory safety plans and provide institutional support for incident response.

  • Biosafety site assessments, reviews, consultations, small group discussions
  • EH&S Biosafety training
  • Biological research-related incident investigations and response
  • Import/transport permit guidance for biological materials, including plants and soils
  • Biohazardous and medical waste program
  • Biosafety cabinet certification and autoclave validation

EHS Biosafety Partners

Biosafety Officer serves as a member on both the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and can also provide information with respect to biosafety-related regulatory agencies with regard to importing biological materials, research involving plants and animals as well as research involving recombinant DNA.

  • Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)
  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
  • Facilities management
  • Student Health Services
  • Athletics