Section 9: Laboratory Waste Disposal

This document does not supersede the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or the City of Waco POTW regulations but is intended as an interpretive aid to waste disposal procedures.

Procedures for Disposal of Hazardous Waste

Section 1: Identification of Regulated Wastes

  1. Chemical Wastes

    • Characteristic Chemical Wastes
    • Listed Chemical Wastes
    • Class I Wastes

  2. Biological (or Special) Wastes

    • Microbiological Waste
    • Animal Waste
    • Human Blood and Blood Products
    • Pathological Waste
    • Sharps

  3. Radioactive Wastes
  4. Multi-hazardous Wastes

Section 2: Chemical Wastes

  1. Requirements for the Accumulation Area

    • Containers
    • Accumulation Guidelines

  2. Disposal Procedures for Regulated Wastes

    • Waste Tags and Request for Disposal Forms

  3. Disposal Procedures for Non-Regulated Wastes
  4. Disposal Procedures for Empty Containers
  5. Waste Minimization

    • Methods for Treating Hazardous Wastes in the Laboratory
    • Five Examples of Reagent Substitutions that Result Less Hazardous and/or Less Costly Waste

Section 3: Biological Wastes

  1. Microbiological Waste

    • Record Keeping
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Treatment Methods
    • Disposal

  2. Animal Waste

Section 4: Other Laboratory Wastes

  1. MOU Glassware
  2. Broken Glassware
  3. Sharps
  4. Mixed Wastes


  1. Nonhazardous Chemicals
  2. Waste Container / Solvent Compatibility Chart
  3. Examples of Incompatible Chemicals
  4. Environmental Protection Agency's P List (Acutely Hazardous Chemicals)
  5. Environmental Protection Agency's U List

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