Laboratory Safety Training

For Researchers

Personnel who work in a laboratory as a researcher (Principal Investigator, graduates, and undergraduates) will be directed to take specific training, based upon the hazards and job activities associated with their work. When a new researcher is put into a lab in the BioRAFT lab management system, the system will notify them of what training will be required for their work. The current trainings housed on BioRAFT include:

  • Animal Worker Safety Training
  • Biosafety Training: Basic and Advanced
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training
  • Laboratory Safety: initial training, followed by an annual refresher
  • Laser Safety
  • Radiation Safety: Machine Safety and Materials Safety

For Students in Laboratory Courses

Students enrolled in laboratory courses where chemicals are in use receive their chemical safety training from their course instructor or a representative thereof. This training is tracked through the course and not through EH&S.

Safety training for students is repeated with each laboratory course they take while at Baylor.

For Faculty

New hires are required to complete the initial training on "Lab Safety for Researchers". In addition, the Laboratory Safety Progran Manager will consult with you and provide assistance in getting your lab's safety program up and running.

For additional assistance, please see the New Faculty/Staff Lab Safety Orientation.

Laboratory-Specific Safety Training

All laboratory personnel who work under the supervision of a Principal Investigator should undergo a training that is specific to the hazards of the laboratory or project. This training should cover chemical hazards, physical hazards, specialized equipment and procedures, etc. This training should occur prior to beginning work.

To help the Principal Investigator develop and document this lab-specific training, EH&S offers the Lab Safety Orientation.