Success Story: Alexa Samuel

Alexa Samuel

Middle Grades Mathematics Education
2014 Graduate, Houston

What Career & Professional Development event did you attend and how was it helpful to you?

I attended the Teacher Job Fair. I thought the job fair was extremely beneficial. I will be attending graduate school next year so my intentions going into the job fair were to see what it was like and to talk to people from the different school districts to see what kind of school I could see myself at after I graduate with my master's. The job fair was very organized and had a relaxed, yet professional, atmosphere. I was able to go to the booths I was interested in and talk to representatives about their school districts.

How did you prepare for the Fair?

A couple weeks before the job fair, we had a guest speaker during our seminar class who talked about interviewing for a job and the kind of questions we may be asked. We also had a session about writing a résumé. A week before the job fair, a former principal came to our seminar class and talked about interviewing again and questions to ask school districts. Also, our intern supervisor talked to us about what to expect at the job fair and we had time to ask her questions about it.

Is there anything you wish you had done differently in your preparation or participation?

I wish I was more prepared to ask good questions. I felt like I was the one shopping for which school district I wanted to work at more than the school districts hammering me with questions to figure out if they wanted me to work for them.

Based on your experience, what advice would you give fellow students about their internship or job search?

Advice for a future intern: Be as involved as possible at your school. Attend every staff meeting and workshop, be a sponsor of a club you're interested in, and attend school events and fundraisers. Not only will your students respect you, but teachers and administration at your school will respect you as well.

Advice for a job search: Don't forget those connections you have made throughout your undergraduate career. Ask people who are in positions you eventually want to be in for advice. God will put you in the job He wants you to have, so don't worry. Just be patient in the process and trust that you will be where you're meant to be.

What are your overall thoughts about Career & Professional Development and/or the Teacher Job Fair?

I thought the Teacher Job Fair was put together very well. I knew about it well in advance so I was able to prepare for it. There was also a large and diverse amount of school districts from all over Texas represented. I felt like I could be myself during the job fair and easily get the information I wanted. It was a fun experience and it made me even more excited to become a teacher in the near future.

Why or how do you think job fairs are helpful to fellow students?

I think the job experience was a great first step into the "real world." We were able to talk to representatives from different school districts, including superintendents. This was a good experience for us before going to a job interview. The atmosphere was very relaxed even though we were in a professional context.