Alumni, Parents and Friends

Baylor alumni, parents and friends share a family bond rooted in over 170 years of rich history. Whether you enjoy connecting with other Baylor alumni and parents through Baylor Alumni Network and other events in your area or through publications like Baylor Magazine, social media tools, or campus events like Family Weekend and Homecoming, your role in the family is a vital one. From young grads to members of the Heritage Club and from first-generation parents to those whose Baylor legacies go back many years and to friends new and old, this page provides you with important resources and reminders to make your Baylor connections even more meaningful.

Give Light
GIVE LIGHT IS A $1.1 BILLION COMPREHENSIVE CAMPAIGN FOR THE FUTURE OF BAYLOR UNIVERSITY. The campaign undergirds Illuminate, the University's Academic Strategic Plan, and will impact every aspect of campus life, from academics and athletics to student life and global engagement.


Mission Team

Driving through the deeply impoverished township of Kliptown, Owen Rogers was hoping the bus wouldn't even stop. There was a stream of sewage running through the street; shacks and tents instead of permanent housing; and the only electricity is hot-wired from the nearby railroad tracks.

Hill, Langeliers, Wendzel Named 2019 ABCA/Rawlings All-Americans

Kyle Hill 2019 NCAA Regional LA

Three Bears were named 2019 ABCA/Rawlings Division I All-Americans, it was announced recently. Pitcher Kyle Hill was named a First Team All-American for the fifth time this postseason, while catcher Shea Langeliers and third baseman Davis Wendzel were both named third team selections.

Baylor Athletics Announces External Reorganization and Staff Promotions


Baylor Vice President and Director of Athletics Mack B. Rhoades, IV, announced Friday, the completion of a comprehensive assessment and realignment process for its external affairs unit in advance of the 2019-20 academic year.

Catholic Sentinel (Portland, OR): Ordination for Two on June 15

June 12, 2019
Deacon Peter Julia, B.S.Ed. (Health/Fitness Studies) ’03, was ordained as a priest June 15 in Portland, Oregon. Before entering seminary, he worked as a rock-climbing instructor, coach, guide and bicycle mechanic and salesman. While enrolled at the North American College in Rome, he serviced the bicycles of his peers. He compares adjusting bicycle spokes to get rid of wobbles to the occasional re-centering humans need via sacraments, formation and liturgy. Mysterious mass of moon metal discovered under lunar south

June 12, 2019
The mass of a metal “anomaly” beneath the moon’s largest crater is five times greater than the big island of Hawaii, and according to a new study led by Baylor University, it could contain metals remaining from an ancient asteroid impact. It sits 180 miles beneath the South Pole-Aitken basin — one of the solar system’s largest impact craters, and the moon’s oldest, at over 4 billion years old. The research, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, suggests two theories for the origin of the blob, found when researchers analyzed data from NASA missions.

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas: Dallas Fed Announces Executive Promotions

June 14, 2019
Two Baylor graduates have been promoted at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Paige Johnson, B.B.A. (Management/Accounting) ’84, administrative officer in the research department, has been promoted to assistant vice president with continuing responsibility for the administrative functions in research, including technology and library services. Ed Skelton, B.B.A. (Economics) ’94, macrosurveillance officer in the banking supervision department, has been promoted to assistant vice president with continuing responsibility for the risk and surveillance functions of the department.

And the prettiest spot on Baylor’s campus is…

What’s the prettiest spot on Baylor’s campus? It is … <drum roll> Pat Neff Hall! That’s according to an unofficial survey of the Baylor Family, conducted over the past week across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More than 31,000 votes were cast in all as eight of Baylor’s most popular sites battled it out for the […]

Who were Baylor’s founding fathers?

It may come as some surprise to many Bears to learn that Judge Baylor wasn’t Baylor’s only founding father. Most Bears know Judge R.E.B. Baylor — a lawyer and legislator in Kentucky and Alabama who met Christ at age 46, became a Baptist minister and moved to what was then the Republic of Texas to […]

Baylor Law trial advocacy program ranked No. 2 in the nation

Across the nation, new lawyers overwhelmingly report that their law school journey left them woefully unprepared for practice — but that’s where Baylor Law stands out. In fact, Baylor’s trial advocacy program was recently ranked No. 2 in the nation by U.S. News! In the program, professors put students under real-world pressure with real-world situations. […]

What is an endowment? And why is it so important for Baylor?

Most Baylor Bears could tell you that the university’s endowment is some sort of financial figure — but beyond that, for many, it remains a bit of a mystery. Baylor’s endowment contains some pretty big numbers — $1.31 billion as of 2018 — but what does that number mean? And what is that money used […]

Baylor Students, Faculty Create Greenhouse, Outdoor Learning Space at Local Elementary School

WACO, Texas (June 17, 2019) – Connally Elementary School in Waco is celebrating a new greenhouse and outdoor learning environment, thanks to the work of Stephanie C. Boddie, Ph.D., assistant professor of church and community ministries in Baylor University’s Diana R. Garland School of Social Work, and graduate students from the Baylor School of Education, George W. Truett Seminary and School of Engineering and Computer Science.

Preacher Archives Add New Element to Baylor University’s Black Gospel Music Restoration Project

WACO, Texas (June 13, 2019) – The Black Gospel Music Restoration Project is preserving more than just gospel music.
In the past few years, Baylor journalism professor and former Billboard gospel music editor Robert Darden and his team have undertaken the project of restoring and preserving recorded sermons from black preachers in addition to the gospel music. While both are equally important to preserve, finding sermons to preserve comes with a unique set of challenges.

Baylor Theatre Summer Series Presents ‘An Infinite Ache’ and ‘With Love and a Major Organ’

WACO, Texas (June 11, 2019) – Baylor University Theatre will open its 2019 Summer Series with performances of “An Infinite Ache” June 20-22 and “With Love and a Major Organ” June 27-29, both in Theatre 11 in the Hooper-Schaefer Fine Arts Center, 60 Baylor Ave.

City of Waco Honored with Baylor’s Founders Medal

WACO, Texas (June 11, 2019) – Baylor University officially presented the City of Waco with one of the university’s most distinguished awards – the Founders Medal – during a special ceremony May 15 on the steps of historic Waco Hall.