Tuition Discounts on Summer 2020 Classes

April 17, 2020
Summer of Discovery

Baylor Launches Summer of Discovery

Summer of Discovery Pennant

In yesterday’s “Presidential Perspectives,” President Linda A. Livingstone, Ph.D., announced the launch of Baylor’s new Summer of Discovery program – discounted course bundles to help undergraduate students advance toward their academic goals. With travel and activity restrictions changing summer plans for everyone, Baylor’s online summer classes are a great investment in your future.

How the Program Works:
  • Most schools and colleges have developed recommended class bundles that offer the courses most commonly required across undergraduate degree plans. Courses include those required as part of general education for all undergraduate students.
  • Following advising, students may register for courses in the bundle that best fits their degree program or for individual summer courses they need to make academic progress. Tuition discounts will be applied based on the number of hours taken.
  • Classes will be held online and are available across three summer sessions – May Minimester (May 13-June 1), Summer 1 (June 2-July 7) and Summer 2 (July 9-Aug. 12). Students may register for courses in some or all sessions.
  • As students take more hours this summer, their tuition discounts increase. For example:
    • Take 6 hours or less at regular summer tuition of $1,392/hour
    • Take 7-9 hours at a discounted tuition of $1,000/hour – up to $3,528 in savings
    • Take 10+ hours at a discounted tuition of $750/hour – $6,420 or more in savings

Summer classes are a great way to pick up challenging courses one or two at a time so you are ready to jump back into your schedule this fall. During summer classes, you will learn from Baylor faculty alongside fellow Baylor students in the supportive Christian environment you enjoy, and you have the added assurance that these classes are helping you progress toward graduation – maybe even a semester or more early.

To learn more about Summer of Discovery and see the bundled courses, talk with your academic advisor and visit

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