Current Students

Discounted online summer course bundles are a great way to pick up classes that help you progress towards graduation - maybe even a semester or more early.

Current Students

Baylor's Summer of Discovery brings an innovative collection of discounted course bundles to undergraduate students in an online environment to help them advance toward their academic goals.

During Summer of Discovery classes, students will learn from Baylor faculty alongside fellow Baylor students in the supportive Christian environment that is a hallmark of a Baylor education.

Here's how it works:

  • Most schools and colleges have developed recommended course bundles across undergraduate degree plans. Course bundles have been defined by the academic leadership in each area to expand the flexibility of students who need to complete prescribed course sequences and requirements before advancing to upper-division major tracks or electives. Courses also include those required as part of general education for all undergraduate students.
  • Classes will be held online and are available across all three summer sessions in 2021 – May Minimester (May 12-May 28), Summer 1 (June 1-July 6) and Summer 2 (July 8-Aug. 11). Students may choose to attend one, two or all three sessions.
  • Students may take a maximum of 8 hours in any single summer session. The bundle discount applies to cumulative class hours taken across all summer sessions.
  • Courses taken at Baylor in the Summer are discounted from regular tuition. As a part of the Summer of Discovery program, students receive greater discounts as the number of classes taken increases.

While the bundled classes are meant to serve the greatest needs, students should check with their academic advisors to determine if a bundle meets their degree requirements. These discounts also are available to students taking other summer courses that help them make progress towards their degrees.

Learn more about Summer of Discovery bundles in your school or college:
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Summer of Discovery discounts apply to other summer courses that help you make progress toward your degree.

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