Field Agency Awards: 2022 Task Supervisor of the Year

Morgan Stokes

Morgan Stokes, LMSW

Task Supervisor of the Year

Agency: Houston Behavioral Healthcare Hospital
Title: Director of DELTA PHP & IOP

1. Why is it important for you to work with social work interns?
I enjoy providing learning opportunities to social work students in a safe and challenging environment to foster a growth mindset while supporting students in bolstering their confidence and competence. I emphasize bridging what is learned in the classroom and the real time experience in practice for interns. I am passionate about helping students build clinical skill set and critical thinking skills rather than just providing the right answers. Working with social work interns allows me to serve the profession and help shape future social workers.

2. How long have you had GSSW interns?
I have been working with GSSW interns for 1 year.

3. Tell us a little about yourself and your job.
I received my BSW from Troy University in Alabama and my MSW from the University of Houston specializing in clinical work. I utilize a strengths-based approach to assist patients in providing support during difficult times, improving self-esteem, and increasing belief in the ability to improve mental health in order to learn to manage thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in a healthy way. I love to engage in creative activities like brush-lettering and digital art and spending time outside in my hometown of Houston, Texas. I have spent the majority of my 3 years at HBHH in direct care facilitating group therapy with a variety of patients including teens, adults, and their families. I like to incorporate my passion for creativity into group sessions as a therapeutic tool. In the past 6 months, I have shifted into an administrative role as the Director of DELTA PHP & IOP Outpatient. I enjoy diverse opportunities as I represent the program in the hospital and community, oversee patient care, manage the programming needs, and provide clinical support to staff and interns. I am currently pursuing my clinical license as I have completed supervision and am studying for LCSW exam.

4. Tell us a little about your agency.
Houston Behavioral Healthcare Hospital is a state-of-the-art acute care psychiatric hospital offering comprehensive mental health programs and services for adolescents and adults. In addition to offering inpatient acute care services, we provide Intensive Outpatient Programs and Partial Hospitalization Programs that can support patients as they discharge or can assist to prevent hospitalization. DELTA PHP & IOP by Houston Behavioral Healthcare Hospital is ready to support patients on their path to change. "Delta" means change and our programming meets you where you are on your path. DELTA PHP & IOP is group therapy based including assessments, medication management, and evidenced based treatment programs. Our Clinical services team, including social workers and counselors, facilitate psychotherapy and psychoeducational groups to assist our patients in improving interpersonal functioning and alleviating symptoms of their mental health diagnoses.

5. What does it mean to you to receive this award?
It is certainly a surprise to receive this in my one year as a task instructor. It means a great deal that my skills and time invested in guiding social work interns and creating field education programming has been noticed and found beneficial.

What others have to say about Morgan...
Those who work with Morgan note the invaluable advice, insight and knowledge she pours into her team and how she promotes social work values and ethics. She is an advocate for patients, staff, and interns, and she continuously strives for personal and organizational development and improvement. She genuinely cares about patients and staff, and motivates the department to grow and provide effective and well-rounded care.

Congratulations, Morgan! We are so glad to have you as part of the GSSW team!