Pinney/Trawick Publication

June 13, 2012
Dr. Kevin G. Pinney and Dr. Mary Lynn Trawick recently published an article in Medicinal Chemistry Communications. Additional co-authors on the publication include: Dr. Rajendra P. Tanpure and Dr. Tracy E. Strecker (Postdoctoral Research Associates at Baylor), Clinton S. George (recent graduate student, Ph.D. May 2012), Dr. Madhavi Sriram (former Baylor graduate student and former Baylor Postdoctoral Research Associate), Justin K. Tidmore and Amanda K. Charlton-Sevcik (current Baylor graduate students), Dr. Ernest Hamel (collaborator at The National Cancer Institute), and Dr. David J. Chaplin (collaborator and Advisor/Consultant to Oxigene Inc.). Citation details are below:

Rajendra P. Tanpure*, Clinton S. George*, Madhavi Sriram*, Tracy E. Strecker, Justin K. Tidmore, Ernest Hamel, Amanda K. Charlton-Sevcik, David J. Chaplin, Mary Lynn Trawick, and Kevin G. Pinney, An Amino-Benzosuberene Analogue ThatInhibits Tubulin Assembly and Demonstrates Remarkable Cytotoxicity, Med. Chem. Commun., 2012, 3, 720-724.
[*denotes authors with equal contributions]
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