B.S. Biochemistry

Thirty-nine semester hours including the following:
  • CHE 1301/1101-Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry I & General Chemistry Laboratory I
  • CHE 1302/1102-Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry II & 1102 General Chemistry Laboratory II
  • CHE 2416-Laboratory Measurements and Techniques
  • CHE 3331-Organic Chemistry I
  • CHE 3332-Organic Chemistry II
  • CHE 3238-Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  • CHE 4327-Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences
  • CHE 4225-Biophysical Chemistry Laboratory
  • CHE 4141-Modern Biochemistry Laboratory
  • CHE 4341-General Biochemistry
  • CHE 4142-Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory
  • CHE 4342-Topics in Human Biochemistry
  • CHE 4151-Undergraduate Seminar I
  • A minimum of five semester hours of “4000” level chemistry, excluding CHE 4321(not applicable to a biochemistry major). It is recommended that CHE 4316(Instumental Analysis) be included in the five hour total. A maximum of three semester hours of 4V98 may count toward this requirement.
  • CHE 4001-An exit examination, designated by the department, will be required of all chemistry majors. This examination will be chosen by the department from the GRE, ETS, or another similar examination.
  • Required Courses in other Fields:

    • MTH 1321, 1322-Calculus I-II
    • PHY 1420/30-General Physics I-II
    • BIO 1305-1105 (or 1405) and BIO 1306-1106 (or 1406)
    • Additional “2000,” “3000,” or “4000” level courses (at least three semester hours each, for a total of 6 completed hours) in biology. It is recommended that BIO 4306-4106 be taken as one of the two courses. BIO 2401 and 2402 cannot be used to complete this requirement.