B.A. Chemistry

Thirty-four semester hours including the following:
  • CHE 1301/1101-Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry I & General Chemistry Laboratory I
  • CHE 1302/1102-Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry II & 1102 General Chemistry Laboratory II
  • CHE 2416-Laboratory Measurements and Techniques
  • CHE 3331-Organic Chemistry I
  • CHE 3332-Organic Chemistry II
  • CHE 3238-Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  • CHE 4321-Physical Chemistry I
  • CHE 4227-Physical Chemistry Laboratory I
  • CHE 4151-Undergraduate Seminar I
  • CHE 4001-An exit examination, designated by the department, will be required of all chemistry majors. This examination will be chosen by the department from the GRE, ETS, or another similar examination.
A minimum of eight semester hours, including a minimum of two semester hours laboratory, from the following:
  • CHE 4207-Preparative Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHE 4302-Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHE 4316-Instrumental Analysis
  • CHE 4217-Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
  • CHE 4237-Advanced Organic Laboratory
  • CHE 4322-Physical Chemistry II
  • CHE 4228-Physical Chemistry Laboratory II
  • CHE 4341-General Biochemistry
  • CHE 4141-Modern Biochemistry Laboratory

Required Courses in other Fields:

  • MTH 1321, 1322, 2321-Calculus I, II, III
  • PHY 1420, 1430-General Physics I-II

There are several choices of curricula which include the above requirements. The choice will depend somewhat upon the requirements for preprofessional preparation.