Dr. Liela Romero

Dr. Liela Romero
Assistant Professor
Cancer Prevention Research
Institute of Texas Scholar
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Assistant Professor


Postdoctoral Fellow
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2016-2020

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, 2011-2016

B.S. Biochemistry
Baylor University, 2007-2011


Assistant Professor
Baylor University - starting July 2020


The Romero group at Baylor University is interested in developing highly selective chemical reactions with the goal of advancing chemical synthesis and drug discovery.

Research in the Romero group is focused on the discovery and mechanistic study of new catalytic reactions for the conversion of chemical feedstocks into valuable chiral molecules. We plan to utilize these new chemical methods for the synthesis and study of bioactive small molecules in order to identify potential anti-cancer therapeutics.

Students working in the Romero lab will gain expertise in various facets of synthetic organic chemistry, including reaction development, asymmetric catalysis, mechanistic study and drug discovery.