The Baylor University Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry has entered into a collaboration with local businesses and industries to offer summer work internships for chemistry and biochemistry majors. These are paid positions where you may earn $4000.00 for 10 weeks of employment.

Benefits of an Internship

  • Gain invaluable work experience & insight into how your education is applicable to industry needs

  • Improve your skills & build your resume

  • Make and foster connections with potential employers

  • Serve as Baylor Representatives

Application details

This is a competitive program that targets chemistry and biochemistry majors that will not graduate by May (primarily sophomores & juniors). To apply, you must submit unofficial transcripts, CV (containing previous work experience), and a single-page statement expressing your interest in this program to Steven Dutschmann by the end of November each year, for consideration for the following Summer's program.  

We will evaluate your application and skill sets and, upon your approval, will submit your credentials to one of our industrial collaborators for consideration as a summer intern. 

If you are interested in a Chemistry or Biochemistry internship, please contact:

Dr Darrin Bellert or Mr Steven Dutschmann