Dr. Kevin Chambliss

Dr. Kevin Chambliss
Vice Provost for Research
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Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Vice Provost for Research


Colorado State University - 1998

Ouachita Baptist University - 1994

Postdoctoral Associate
Oak Ridge National Laboratory - 1998-1999


Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Mercer University - 1999-2001

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Baylor University - 2001-2015

Professor of Chemistry Baylor University - 2015

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, College of Arts & Sciences
Baylor University - 2016-2018

Analytical & Environmental Chemistry

Research in my group reflects a balanced interest in pure and applied analytical chemistry and is primarily focused on chemical separations and analysis. Current projects fall into one of four categories listed below with brief descriptions of their significance and trajectory. I am of the opinion that the most effective scientists in the future will possess broad training across traditional academic boundaries. Accordingly, most projects in my group have potential impacts that extend beyond chemistry. Students who choose to work with me are exposed to a variety of methodologies including: chromatographic method development, solvent extraction & ion exchange, electrochemistry, mass spectrometry, organometallic synthesis, process engineering, field sampling, and environmental toxicology. My primary goal as a research advisor is to provide students with the requisite knowledge and technical expertise to make significant contributions in the development of practical solutions to complex interdisciplinary problems.