What we Offer

We have a lot to offer!

Baylor Chemistry and Biochemistry is a medium-sized department with ~80 graduate students and 17 research faculty. This is large enough to provide a high level of peer-support, yet small enough that you do not get lost in the crowd. We have quality research programs in all sub-disciplines of Chemistry and a wide variety of research advisors to choose from. Add to that outstanding instrumentation and departmental resources, all housed in our fantastic Baylor Sciences Building. The department has a fully-equipped 500-MHz NMR, and brand-new 300-, 400- and 600-MHz instruments (all with autosamplers). We also have x-ray diffractometers in house, and here it is possible to get structural information back within hours. Our staffed mass spectrometry center has roughly a half-dozen high-end major instruments, all available to graduate researchers. There are also Centers for Microscopy and Imaging (CMI) as well as Molecular Biosciences (MBC), and a high-performance computing cluster at your disposal. We also have other abundant instrumentation common in chemical and biological research. More importantly, Baylor is a place where you are treated like a person, not just a resource. We do not "overbook" the program; we fully intend for every student admitted to complete a degree. Teaching loads and group sizes are such that our faculty have the time to really direct research, and we do not simply delegate mentoring to postdocs. All graduate students in good standing receive a competitive stipend and free tuition. Baylor has outstanding recreational and athletic facilities, including the McLane Student Life Center that is literally right next to the Sciences Building. The University offers outdoor adventure and even provides a marina for those interested in water sports.

Waco is a fantastic city with all the stores, restaurants, and entertainment you are likely to want, and has shown outstanding growth over the past 5 years.  The low cost of living is ~20% below national average, and there is no bad traffic!  But if you miss the big city life, Dallas and Austin are each 90 minutes away, and San Antonio and Houston are not much further. So, if you are tired of the large-school atmosphere and want to continue your career in a quality environment, check us out!  Consider applying for admission and visiting our department. If you have an application on file and good credentials, we can cover your travel costs to attend a recruiting weekend. We encourage you to come see, first-hand, what all the buzz is about. You will find that we have a lot to offer!

Emily Jessup
Graduate Program Coordinator
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry