Atlantic Richfield Foundation
Baker, Col. Thomas P.
Baker, Mr. and Mrs. T.P.
Ball, Dr. David W.
Bannerman, Dr. J.K. II
Bass, Mrs. N. Marcelyn
Beard, Mr. Bramlet
Belew, Mrs. George H.
Belew, Dr. and Mrs John S.
Blaylock, Mr. James E.
Bond, Dr. T.J.
Bouknight, Mrs. Hilda Marsh
Braun, Mr. John S.
Brelsford, Dr. Harold
Brooks, Dr. Marvin S.
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. B.F.
Brown, Ms. Nell
Bryan, Dr. and Mrs. John J.
Burckhardt, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Burton, Dr. L. Gayle
Busch, Dr. Kenneth W.
Busch, Dr. Marianna A.
Bussell, Dr. J.S.
Byrd, Dr. Lee R. Jr.
Calhoun, Mrs. Hilda M.
Canon, Mr. and Mrs. Gary D.
Canon, Mrs. Lucy Gooch
Capp, Dr. and Mrs. G.R
Carlile, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth
Caskey, Rev. John
Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. R.W.
Cheavens, Ms. Alice Dawson
Cheng, Dr. Francis S.H.
Chiu, Dr. Ying-Chech
Chou, Dr. and Mrs. Chung C.
Churchill, Dr. Constance L.
Clark, Mrs. Gladys L.
Cockerell, Dr. Leone D.
Coffelt, Dr. Ralph L.
Colgin, Dr. M.W.
Collins, Dr. Lawrence D.
Collmer, Dr. and Mrs. Robert
Condray, Dr. Ben R.
Conoco Inc.
Continental Oil Co.
Cook, Mr. and Mrs. G.
Cooke, Dr. Samuel L. Jr.
Creasy, Mr. and Mrs. G.S. Jr.
Cullen, Dr. Paul S.
Cuscurida, Dr. Michael
Czichos, Mr. Raymond L.
Dailey, Dr. and Mrs. Charles
Darlington, Mr. and Mrs. Jerald
Dellinger, Col. and Mrs. H.P.
Dillin, Dr. and Mrs. Dennis R.
Dixon, Dr. and Mrs. J.W. Jr.
Dobbs, Mr. Herman A. Jr.
Dobson, Dr. and Mrs. Harold L.
Dole, Dr. Malcolm
Dotson, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R.
Dow Chemical Co.
Dresser Foundation Inc.
Duce, Dr. Leonard A.
Eller, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A.
Ellis, Dr. Dick G.
Etkind, Dr. and Mrs. Irving M.
Etter, Dr. Richard L.
Evans, Dr. Ernest B.
Exxon Education Foundation
Fariss, Mr. I. Wilson
Farrow, Mr. Howard L.
Flanders, Dr. and Mrs. H. Jr.
Ford, Dr. Robert D.
Franklin, Dr. Thomas C.
Frazier, Dr. and Mrs. Shervert H.D.
Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. James P.
Fulton, William C.
Fuqua, Dr. Foster
Furqueron, Ms. Virginia
Goldsmith, Mrs. Oliver
Gooch, Dr. and Mrs. Wilby T. Jr.
Goodall, Dr. and Mrs. Van Doren
Graham, Dr. Marion F.
Greer, Dr. James W.
Haden, Dr. Joe
Hall, Mrs. C.C. Jr.
Hallmark, Dr. B. Douglas
Harmon, Miss Anne
Hassell, C. Alton
Hawthorne, Dr. James M.
Haynen, Mrs. Joseph R.
Haynen, Mrs. Mary Agerton
Heart O'Texas Section, ACS
Henslee, Dr. and Mrs. Walter W.
Herring, Mr. Raymond B.
Hester, Jack B.
Hill, Dr. and Mrs. A. Garrett
Hoffman, Dr. Eva Jernigan
Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L.
Hoffman-LaRoche Foundation
Horine, Dr. Maurice
Hwang, Dr. Phillip R
Itoh, Dr. Takuji
Jeane, Mrs. M.H.
Jeanes, Dr. Allene R.
Jones, Dr. and Mrs. Sid J.
Kawamata, Mr. Motoo
Kersey, Dr. W.H.
King, Dr. and Mrs. Walter B. Jr.
Kirk, Dr. and Mrs. James C.
Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Robert T.
Kolb, Dr. and Mrs. W. Payton
Lair, Mr. and Mrs. G.W.
Largent, Mrs. Blanche Mueller
Lattimore, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S.
Lewis, Dr. David E.
Liang, Dr. Charles C.
Lider, Mr. Malcom
Little, Mr. and Mrs. B.E.
Madsen, Mrs. Walter T.
Malamuth, Mrs. Leo G.
Mallory P.R. Co.
Matsuda, Mr. Fujio
Mayne, Dr. Mabelle A.
McAtee, Dr. James L.
McCarty, Mrs. Robert B.
McCauley, Mrs. Gladys
McDaniel, Dr. James A.
McGee, Mr. Lemuel C.
McNamara, Dr. Dan G.
McShan, Dr. Michael W.
Milligan, Dr. W.O.
Mitchell, Mr. Arthur L.
Mobil Foundation Inc.
Morris, Dr. and Mrs. James G.
Morris, Mr. and Mrs. N.C.
Morris, Mrs. Betty Cross
Morrow, Mrs. E.A.
Moseley, Dr. Charles G.
Moses, Mr. and Mrs. Walter R.
Moses, Mr. W. Raleigh
Mueller, Mrs. Largent Blanche
Mueller, Mr. Robert A.
Mullica, Dr. Donald F.
Naito, Mr. Masahiko
Newby, Dr. Marvin G.
Norman, Miss Mary E.
O'Brien, Dr. and Mrs. Bill P.
Panian, Mr. George W.
Parish, Mr. Thomas Z.
Patrick, Dr. and Mrs. D. L.
Patton, Dr. Tad L.
Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Pennington, Dr. and Mrs. David
Phillips Petroleum Co.
Pinkus, Dr. A.G.
Poteet, Dr. Ernest H.
Potts, Mrs. Wm. H.
Powers, Mr. J.V.
Powers, Mrs. Louis T.
Procter Street Baptist Church
Ramsey, Mr. and Mrs. John C.
Ramzy, Dr. Carl O. Jr.
Reeder, Dr. and Mrs. Charles E.
Robertson Insurance
Ross, Mr. Edward S.
Rouse, Dr. Milford O.
Russo, Dr. Fredrick M.
Schofield, Dr. James R.
Schwetman, Dr. and Mrs. H.D.
Self, Dr. Milton M.
Seymour, Dr. James D.
Seymour, Mr. Sam K. Jr.
Shaw, Dr. and Mrs. Don W.
Smith, Dr. Joe C.
Smith, Dr. H.O.
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Randall W.
Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Wm. C.
Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. N.P.
Stephens, Mrs. Eunice
Streetman, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Swarm, Dr. and Mrs. Richard L.
Swayze, Mr. H. P.
Swint, Dr. Richard
Teal, Dr. and Mrs. Gordon K.
Texas Instruments Foundation
Thielmann, Dr. Vernon
Tiner, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D.
Tiner, Mrs. Nancy Biggs
Toland, Dr. and Mrs. Wm. G.
Trantham, Dr. J.C.
Tweedie, Dr. and Mrs. Virgil L.
Varnell, Mr. C.C.
Wallace, Mr. Thomas J.
Warren, Dr. K.W.
Weislogel, Mr. and Mrs. Orville E.
White, Dr. Ben B.
White, Dr. W.R.
Williams, Dr. Bryan
Williams, Mr. and Mrs. D.E.
Williams, Mr. T.L. Jr.
Williams, Mr. and Mrs. W.J.
Wilson, Mrs. Dorothy Tucker
Windsor, Dr. Manly M.
Witcher, Dr. and Mrs. S.L.