2018 Colloquium Schedule

January 12, 2018 Host: Kevin Shuford

Prof. Greg Tschumper Ole Miss
Talk Title: "Adventures in Hydrogen Bonding and Halogen Bonding with Computational Quantum Chemistry"

January 19, 2018 Host: Kim Sung-Joon

Prof. Kwanho Nam UT Arlington 
Talk Title: “Multiscale Simulation Studies of Catalytic and Regulatory Mechanisms of Protein Tyrosine Kinases

January 26, 2018 Host: Bryan Shaw

Prof. Jeff Agar Northeastern
Talk Title: “A New Crosslinking Chemistry and Pharmacological Chaperone Inspired by Protein Post-translational Modification

February 7, 2018 Host: Caleb Martin

Prof. Dan Mindiola Penn
Talk Title: “Titanium Carbon Bonds and Multiple Bonds and Their Role in Carbon-Hydrogen Activation, Alkane Dehydrogenation and Methane Dehydrocoupling

February 9, 2018 Host: Bob Kane

Prof. Dan Siegwart UT Southwestern 
Talk Title: “Chemical design of carriers for delivery of short and long RNAs: From miRNA replacement therapy to CRISPR/Cas gene editing

February 16, 2018 Host: Caleb Martin

Prof. Gregory Robinson UGA  
Talk Title: "Carbene-stabilization of Highly Reactive Molecules: I An Example of Counterintuitive Chemistry"

February 23, 2018 Host:

Graduate Recruiting Weekend

March 2, 2018 Host:


March 14, 2018  Host: Daniel Romo

Prof. Jeffrey Gustafson San Diego State
Talk Title: "Exploiting Atropisomerism as a way to Modulate the Selectivity of Kinase Inhibitors and as Inspiration for New Chemistry"

March 16, 2018  Host:

Prof. Zucai Suo Ohio State
Talk Title: "Mechanistic and medical insights of DNA polymerases"
March 23, 2018  Host:
Prof. Keith Woerpel New York U
Talk Title: "Stereoelectronic Effects, Reactivity, and Stereoselectivity of Reactions of Carbon Electrophiles"

April 4, 2018  Host: Bob Kane

Prof. Jon Fokuto Sonoma State U
Talk Title: "The Chemical Biology of Hydropersulfides (RSSH) and Related Species"

April 13, 2018  Host:

Dr. Lars Konermann U Western Ontario 
Talk Title: "Adventures in Protein Mass Spectrometry: Enzyme Mechanisms,MD Simulations, and "Supercharged" Ions"

April 20, 2018  Host:

Prof. Heather Desaire KU
Talk Title: "Analysis of proteins for HIV vaccine design: What happens when you find bad news?"

April 27, 2018  Host: Kane/Wood

Prof. Tom Maimone UC Berkeley 
Talk Title: "Synthesis of Complex Terpenes From Simple Precursors"