Inorganic Chemistry

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  • Research - Oxygenation of Zinc
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Patrick J. Farmer
Research Group - My research includes work on photochemistry and hybrid enzymes, electrochemistry and NOx catalysis, melanin/melanoma and metal-based drugs, and HNO/NO and hybrid enzymes.

Kevin K. Klausmeyer
Research Group - My research interests in inorganic chemistry include synthetic coordination and organometallic chemistry, ligand design for metallopolymer and supramolecular chemistry, metal carbonyl chemistry, X-ray crystallography, and some aspects of catalysis and bioinorganic chemistry.

Caleb D. Martin
Research Group - Boron-Based Organic Materials and Catalysis:
Research in the Martin group is focused on understanding new avenues in organoboron chemistry. Our research is focused on developing new bonding arrangements around the boron centre and subsequently exploring the chemistry of these novel compounds. The desired compounds will have unusual properties and be examined for their utility in optoelectronics, Lewis acid mediated catalysis and small molecule activation reactions. Our research interests span organic, organometallic and materials chemistry.