Analytical Chemistry

  • Research - Competing Non-covalent Host-guest Interactions
  • Research - Loss of Internal Backbone Carbonyls
  • Research - DNA Oligonucleotide Fragment Ion Rearrangements
  • Research - Collision-energy Resolved Ion Mobility Characterization
  • Research - Automated Deconvolution of Overlapped Ion Mobility Profiles
  • Research - Reductively induced
  • Research - Evidence for Electron-based Ion Generation
  • Research - synthesis of some new
  • Research - Analysis of Volatile Organic Compound Mixtures
  • Research - X-Ray Crystal Structure
  • Research - Radio-frequency Ionization of Organic Compounds
  • Research - Compositional Analysis
  • Research - Analysis of Pharma
  • Research - Analytical Characterization
  • Research - Herbicidal Effects

C. Kevin Chambliss
Research Group - Research in my group reflects a balanced interest in pure and applied analytical chemistry and is primarily focused on chemical separations and analysis.

Elyssia Gallagher

Bryan F. Shaw
Research Group

Touradj Solouki
Research Group

Sascha Usenko
Research Group