Sample B.S. Degree for Premed and Predent

The Sample Degree Plan shown below is based on information taken from the Baylor University Undergraduate Catalog. It incorporates biology courses necessary for preparation for the MCAT or DAT and admission to medical or dental school. For general requirements of the B.A. and B.S. degrees, see the College of Arts and Sciences listing in the Undergraduate Catalog. In the event of conflict with the printed version of this catalog, the printed version takes precedence.

NOTE: This degree plan is an example only. It assumes no advanced placement credit, no transfer credit, and no summer coursework. Obtaining course credits through any or all of these mechanisms can be very effective in decreasing your course load during the academic year.

Fall Freshman Spring Freshman
CHE 1301 CHE 1302
MTH 1321 MTH 1322
REL 1310 REL 1350
ENG 1302 CHE 1316
CHA 1088 CHA 1088
HP 11xx HP 11xx
  SOC SCI 130x
13 Hours 16 Hours


Fall Sophomore Spring Sophomore
CHE 3331 CHE 3332
MTH 2321 CHE 3238
BIO 1305 BIO 1306
BIO 1105 BIO 1106
PHY 1425 PHY 2435
ENG 2301 SOC SCI 130x
17 Hours 16 Hours


Fall Junior Spring Junior
CHE 4321 CHE 4322
CHE 4127 CHE 4128
HP 11xx CHE 4316
BIO 2306 CHE 4217
BIO ADV ENG 2304/06
LANG 1401 LANG 1402
15 Hours 16 Hours


Fall Senior Spring Senior
CHE 4301 CHE 43xx
CHE 4207 CHE 4237
CHE 4151 CHE 4152
CHE 4341 CHE 4001
LANG 2310 LANG 2320
ENG 3300 MTH 3325
HP 11xx PSC 2302
16 Hours 15 Hours