About the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Baylor University offers a unique combination of individual attention and advanced resources. Our department is of medium size with 19 research faculty, 9 lecturers, 3 laboratory coordinators, 17 post-doctoral researchers and 70+ graduate students, which makes for a close-knit and friendly atmosphere. We have research programs in the core areas of chemistry (analytical, inorganic, physical, organic and biochemistry) along with more interdisciplinary programs in chemical biology and biomedical research, yet our favorable student-to-faculty ratio makes interaction on a daily basis common. We have many young, active faculty and an expanding graduate program.

Our instrumentation and facilities are world-class. We're housed in the Baylor Sciences Building with over 200,000 sq ft of research space that is extremely well-designed by all accounts. We have a wide array of modern instrumentation for chemical characterizations: NMR and mass spectrometry, single crystal and powder diffractometry, isothermal calorimetry, and photochemical characterizations such as fluorescence lifetimes, quantum efficiency and charge carrier efficiency. Within our individual labs we have the capabilities for most typical methodologies, like FPLC, GC-MS, UV-vis, IR, CD. Our synthetic labs are second to none.

If your preference is for a program at the cutting edge of science, with advanced instrumentation that you can easily access, in a department where people get along well together and value you as an individual, we have much to offer.

Dr. Patrick Farmer,
Professor of Chemistry and Department Chair