Franklin/McAtee Funds

The purpose of the Franklin and McAtee Funds is to provide financial support for Baylor chemistry students (undergraduate and graduate, respectively) to present the results of their research projects at professional meetings.


  • You must have conducted independent research with a faculty member in the Baylor Chemistry Department.
  • You must have been or currently be registered in one of the department's research courses.
  • You must be presenting the results of your research at a professional meeting. Attendance alone is not eligible for support.


  • Completed applications (see parts 1 through 3 below) must be submitted to Dr. Kevin Klausmeyer at least 14 days prior to your departure date. Late applications are frowned upon and may be penalized or rejected entirely.
  • Only one award will be made per presentation. Multiple authors will not receive funding for the same presentation.
  • Registration fees are eligible for support at the student member advance registration level. Late or on-site registration fees and non-member registration fees will not be covered. Likewise, membership dues required to obtain the member's registration fee do not constitute an eligible expense.
  • Applications shall consist of:
    1. A completed Travel Authorization Form (both printed/signed and electronic copies). In the Comments section of the TAF, you must specify the amount and source of any additional funding. If none, you must explicitly state "No additional funding". Graduate students see in particular Part 3 below.
    2. A letter of support from your advisor.
    3. McAtee Fund only - A copy of your Graduate School Travel Award application form or an explanation of why you are not eligible for their support. Failure to apply for available support from the Graduate School may make you ineligible for support from the department. The McAtee Fund may only be used for expenses in excess of those covered by Graduate School Travel Awards.
  • Within two weeks of your return from the meeting, you must submit:
    1. A copy of the page from the meeting program listing your presentation.
    2. An official Expense Report (both printed/signed and electronic copies).
    3. All ORIGINAL receipts.
  • Undergraduates are eligible for up to $200 in funding from the Franklin Fund.
  • Graduate students are eligible for up to $300 in advance and up to an additional $300 in reimbursement from the McAtee Fund after submission of the expense report, including all ORIGINAL receipts.

BEFORE YOU TRAVEL be sure to consult Baylor's Travel Policies and Procedures.