Family Weekend

Since 1960, Baylor has been welcoming the families of Baylor students to campus. Beginning as a single day in 1960, this special event has provided a unique opportunity to introduce the University to Baylor parents. By 1970, the event had grown into a full weekend known as Parents Weekend and featured a student talent show, a parent and faculty coffee, and a dinner for parents held on the grounds of Baylor University.

Throughout the years, the event has continued to evolve and expand. However, some traditions have remained a part of this cherished weekend. After Dark, a variety show of student performers has continued to showcase the incredible talents of Baylor students to visiting families. Family-Faculty Coffee remains an extraordinary opportunity for Baylor parents to meet the faculty that actively educates their students. In addition, events such as The History Walks, which take families on a tour of the rich traditions of Baylor University, and the elegant Dessert Party, which is held on Founders Mall and offers parents the chance to relax with delicious desserts and a beautiful atmosphere, have been added to further enhance the weekend.

In 2013, the name of the weekend was changed to Family Weekend to reflect the inclusiveness of the event. Family Weekend is a unique experience intended to foster an environment where students and their families can reconnect at Baylor each fall. The Chamber has been honored to plan and execute the entire weekend and continues to work hard to welcome all members of the Baylor family to experience this incredible tradition. 

Visit the official Family Weekend website.