Centrally Managed Funders

We encourage faculty and staff to contact CFR before applying to any private foundation or corporation.

However, in order to both coordinate multiple submissions and maximize the likelihood of funding CFR actively manages a small number of University-level foundation projects. Clearance to apply for funding from these foundations must be requested from CFR prior to submitting a letter of inquiry or proposal.

Please contact CFR as soon as possible if the sponsor you intend to approach is on our current list of centrally managed foundations or corporations.

Whether organizations are on the centrally-managed list or not, CFR can provide guidance and assistance in determining the best approach. We will update you on the current status of Baylor University’s relationship with the sponsor and provide information on application limitations, donor preferences, and ongoing strategic conversations.

Thus, it is beneficial for you to notify CFR and your unit’s development officer regarding any upcoming corporate or foundation solicitations.