Episode 8: Joel Badders -- The Daily Discipline for Success

      Season 1 - Episode 8
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October 10, 2018

Name: Joel Badders

Hometown: Nacogdoches, Texas

Classification: Senior

Major: Biology with a minor in Business Administration

Have you every wondered what it takes to pursue rigorous course of study while also seeking out meaningful relationships?  Are you looking for some concrete examples of disciplined study methods to help you excel in your coursework?  Listen to Joel Badders as he shares his strategies for success.  From his morning routine to the time he overslept for a test, he share things he's learned along the way to guide him on a path to success.


Study strategies:

•          Studying every day especially for science classes

•          Take advantage of weekends to study as well


Study routine:

•          Before you start studying for a class-

•          Talk to students who have taken the class. Ask them what to study or not to study.

•          Talk to professor early on in the semester

•          Do not go the day before the test to ask how to be successful on the test. Go at least a week before.

•          Read the textbook and have your class notes right next to you

•          Understand your notes better with the textbook


Morning routine:

•          Coffee

•          Exercise

•          Listen to music (worship music)

•          Take this time to get things in perspective


Study spots:

•          Jones Library-1st/2nd floor or individual study room

•          Convenient to print there as well

•          Hard to study at dorm/apartment

•          For Summer classes

•          Common Grounds

•          Dichotomy


Mistake you’ve learned from since being at Baylor:

•          Freshman year Biology class

•          Accidentally slept through alarm for a class he had a test in

•          Filled out scantron and realized he missed a whole page of questions

•          Randomly filled the answers on the scantron because he ran out of time

•          Cost him a letter grade in the class

•          Learned to set multiple alarms

•          Invest in an actual alarm clock because it does not update or die like a phone


Campus Involvement:

•          Kappa Omega Tau Fraternity 

•          Antioch Life Group 

•          Formed meaningful relationships

•          Youth pastor told him “You will always make time for what is important to you”

•          School is an important and top priority but so are friends and family


Favorite time management tool:

•          Detailed planner

•          Write down all tests when professor gives out syllabus

•          Set iPhone reminders with Siri


Favorite coffee:

•          Black coffee sometimes with a little half and half



•          Office hours with professors

•          Tutoring center 


Hopes beyond Baylor

•          Medical school to be a doctor

•          Decided to be a doctor to have a purposeful career and to help other people

•          His calling in life

Cheery Monday Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) 
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