Online Tutoring Information


All Baylor Tutoring will be administered in-person during Spring 2023.

LOCATION: Baylor Tutoring - In-Person in Sid Rich

  • Please click the ORANGE button to learn how to make and attend a private 25 to 30-minute tutoring appointment for one of your courses.
  • Please click the BLUE button to learn how to participate in online group tutoring.
  • Please click the GREEN button if you would like to watch existing tutoring videos over concepts in Calculus I, Precalculus, Genetics, or Biology.
  • Please click the PURPLE button to learn how to get additional online resources such as tips from tutors and professors.

To participate in online tutoring, you will need to download Microsoft Teams. To get Microsoft Teams, log in to your Office 365 with your Baylor credentials here. Once in Office 365, download Microsoft Teams from the suite of applications listed. For instructions on how to use Microsoft Teams, refer to any of these video tutorials. Additional details can be found by clicking the orange button above.

If you have any additional questions about tutoring, please contact the tutoring coordinator, Melanie Briscoe, at .