Hard time focusing? Try these tips.

How to Deal With Distractions?
  • Put your phone on silent mode and place it at the other end of the room.
  • Turn off your Internet access.
  • Take a deep breath when you are about to get distracted.
  • Ask people to give you privacy
  • Get eight hours of sleep every night.
  • Use a tool like Asana.com to help you prioritize your tasks.
Where Should I Study?
  • Find a place you feel comfortable.
  • Somewhere you can put away distractions and focus on what you need to get done.
  • Find a place that allows you to have space for all of your study materials.
  • Avoid choosing high traffic, high noise, and high activity areas for studying.
Try These Tips!
  • Put away your phone and set a timer for how long you should study.Try studying for 50 minutes and then reward yourself with 10 minutes of screen time.
  • Go to a quiet place where you can eliminate distractions.
  • Set goals for yourself to meet while you study and reward yourself as you meet them.
  • Organize what needs to be done and set your priorities based on what must be completed first and for which class.
  • Use 2 sources of lighting, like an overhead light and a desk lamp. Poor lighting causes your eyes to tire quicker.
Conquer the Distractions!
  • Make a plan. - Break big assignments into smaller segments and have a set time to work on them.
  • Just say no. - Say no to anyone who want to divert your attention. Life is about making choices; choosing will sometimes require the use of the word "No."
  • "No need" method. - Minor noises or movement during study time? Tell yourself, "There's no need to look up."
  • Develop a "Tick Mark" system. Keep track of distractions by making a tick mark each time you are distracted. Try to reduce the number of tick marks each time you study.
  • Make a To Do List. - If urgent tasks constantly resurface in your mind, write them on a To Do list for later so you no longer have to remember them.
  • Use a "Worry Pad." - Write down your worries on a note pad with the intention of looking at them when you are finished studying. With your conscience clear, you can get back to business of concentrating.
  • Try positive self-talk. - I will remember this! I can stay focused for the next 30 minutes! Expressions of confidence, determination, and control has been proven to increase concentration and motivation, as well as reduce stress and procrastination.