Step Three - Create a Resume

The Baylor University Career Center offers a variety of premium resources. One of these resources is Upkey. Upkey is a résumé creation tool that will help you develop a strong, competitive résumé. The program will walk you through the key components and assist you throughout the constructing process. Upkey will build your résumé using the Baylor University Career Center template which has been thoroughly vetted by top employers and has been proven to lead students to success!

Get started today by clicking on the Upkey Best Practices, a step-by-step guide through the process, or click the link directly to Upkey. Once you have completed your résumé, your next step is to schedule an appointment with your Career Success Professional (CSP). Your CSP will review your résumé, help with some final adjustments, and assist you in the next steps. Make sure to upload your new résumé in Handshake and make it public in order to share it with potential employers. 

Here is Career Center Assistant Director, Amy Rylander, to tell you more about the importance of résumés and using Upkey. 

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