Celebrating 2020 Career Success

Congratulations Class of 2020!!! We are so proud of you and your dedication towards your education and career pursuits.


While there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding employment right now (especially for recent graduates) there is also a LOT to celebrate for Baylor students in particular. We understand your concerns and are working hard with you to make sure that your path to success is as clear as possible. Each member of our team of dedicated Career Success Professionals is reaching out to every graduating senior to determine where you are in the process of transitioning from student to professional. We have heard from over 94% of the graduating class so far and will keep working until we have heard from each one of you. 

Please e-mail us with any questions: careercenter@baylor.edu

We are very excited to participate in Baylor Senior Week with a series of live Facebook videos covering some of the most important aspects of any job search. 

Career Day: The First Step on Your Career Path

Watch Career Tips

Your next step after graduation may not look like what you envisioned. Join us online to hear from an expert who can help you understand how to think outside the box on potential career and resume-building opportunities in the wake of COVID-19, help you discern if grad school or other postgraduate opportunities might be a good fit, and parlay your first job into a career trajectory for lifelong success.

Career Day: Resume Tips

Watch Resume Tips

Learn how to leverage the job description and information about the organization to make your resume stand out to prospective employers. Even if your work experience and internships may have been affected by COVID-19, we’ll discuss ways to highlight the skills and experience you have and address resume gaps to help make you a more competitive candidate.

Career Day: Interviewing Skills

Watch Interview Tips

In the digital age, interviews with prospective employers are rapidly shifting from in-person interviews to using online tools to talk with candidates. Participate in this session to learn the interview techniques that are relevant whether you interview on the phone, via Zoom or in a conference room.

Baylor University Career Center

The Baylor Career Center has three locations.

Sid Rich, West Wing
(254) 710-3771

Foster, Suite 150
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Rogers, Suite 311
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