Success Data

Each semester, graduating students are surveyed about their post-graduation plans. It is based upon these responses that the following report was generated.

Pages in report:
  • Information Page
    • Gives overall information on report, shows breakdown of student responses and provides a look into how percentages are calculated
  • Employment Page
    • Shows information on students that reported having a full time job opportunity with an employer for after graduation
  • Graduate School Page
    • Shows information on students that reported having been accepted into and planning on attending graduate school after graduation
Instructions for use:
  • Select from the drop down menus at the top of each page of the report to filter by various areas
  • To undo / reset a filter, select the "Select all" option
  • Hover over elements within the report to view additional information
  • For full screen viewing, please press the double-sided arrow on the bottom right hand side of the report