Resume & Cover Letters

Résumé, Cover Letter, and Interviewing

A great cover letter and résumé will get you in the door for the interview.  Then the interview will prove that you’re a fit for the position.  But how do you get started?


For many students, the idea of crafting a good résumé is overwhelming. You’re young. You don’t have a lot of experience (if any). What are you going to use on it? The career professionals in the Baylor University Career Center can help you design a clear, concise résumé that highlights who you are and what you can offer. We can show you how to “fit” the skills from your experience (work or school) to the job that you are seeking. Using tools like Vmock and JobScan, you’ll have a résumé that is sure to get attention.

Cover Letter:

If you were to ask five people the correct way to write a cover letter, you would easily get five different answers.  Some would advocate a more traditional paragraph style, while others would go for the shorter email approach.  Some would even tell you to drop a cover letter completely. 

Cover letters generally fall into two main categories - letters of application and letters of inquiry.  Your career professional in the Baylor University Career Center can help you design a cover letter that works for you and for the position in which you are applying. Additionally, utilizing JobScan to match your cover letter to a job description will help you maximize your chances in getting noticed.

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