The Baylor University Career Center (BUCC) provides career-related services for all Baylor undergraduate and graduate students. Our Career Center is the epicenter for educating, advising, and connecting our students with job and internship opportunities as well as resources for professional development. 

Our central office is located on the 1st floor, west wing of the Sid Richardson Building with additional offices in Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation, Suite 150; Rogers School of Engineering and Computer Science, Suite 220; Baylor Sciences Building (BSB), Room E-128; and Diana R. Garland School of Social Work, 811 Washington Ave., Room 130.

It is never too early to start your journey towards career success. Typically, students think they can wait until they graduate to start the job search and realistically, that can be too late in a competitive market. Start as a freshman by activating your Handshake account, meet with your Career Success Professional (CSP), update your résumé on a regular basis, and begin to build soft skills. By starting early and staying involved, you will learn that there are numerous ways to get you ahead of the game.  

Each student has a dedicated Career Success Professional (CSP) to guide them along the way. Your CSP will help identify your career interests, strategize your search for internships and jobs, craft your résumé, and prepare you for success in an upcoming interview or networking event. Stop by the Career Center today or make an appointment online through Handshake to let us help you towards your professional success. 


The Baylor Career Center has five locations.
Sid Rich, West Wing
Foster, Suite 150
Rogers, Suite 311
Baylor Science Building, Room E128
Garland School of Social Work, Room 130