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Texas Family Business of the Year


Institute for Family Business


COVID 19 UPDATE:  In light of Baylor’s ongoing commitment to keeping our students and the community safe in the current Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 Texas Family Business of the Year Awards have been cancelled.  All current nominees will be invited to apply for the 2021 Texas Family Business of the Year Awards starting in January 2021.  We will update this website with plans for the 2021 Texas Family Business of the Year Awards as soon as possible.  

In light of the cancellation of the 2020 Texas Family Business of the Year Awards, Baylor’s Institute for Family Business will honor outstanding family businesses in a changed format this year.  Over the coming months we intend to highlight some of the incredible stories of family businesses that have exhibited great fortitude in enduring the current business environment, including highlighting family businesses that have shown an unwavering commitment to the long term success of their families, employees, and communities.  Please look for these incredibly inspiring stories to be highlighted on this website and through other Baylor media outlets over the coming weeks and months.  

The Texas Family Business of the Year Awards Program recognizes multi-generational, family-owned firms whose families demonstrate a commitment to each other, to their employees, to their communities, and to their industries.  Through this program, Baylor’s Institute for Family Business helps to fulfill its mission to provide a forum for the development and dissemination of information that is relevant to the health and vitality of  multi-generational family-owned businesses.  

Baylor and its Institute for Family Business remains committed to working to honor outstanding family-owned businesses, which since the beginning of this great nation, have served as the backbone of the American economy.     Announcements and deadlines for the 2020 Texas Family Business of the Year recognition program will be available on this website as they become available.