Baylor University
Technology Entrepreneurship Initiative

Invest in Technology Futures

TEI seeks to engage highly qualified universities that have:

  • Clear intentionality to achieve excellence in the arena of Technology Entrepreneurship
  • An internal champion with strong buy-in from administration to encourage students and, in most cases, financial support for the program
  • Achieving students with English communication skills who are engaged in TEI from either technical or business side (so best schools will be recognized for their programs in both Engineering and Business).
  • A strong industry network with firms who are innovative / entrepreneurial and the ability to pull in industry partners and projects from this network

In addition, a qualified foreign University Partner, will be able to provide:

  • A facility available to the i5 program, including dorms for students at Western standards, classrooms with good technology support and general support (breakout rooms, access to computers and printers, etc. during summer sessions).

If your university would like to entertain an introductory conversation to explore TEI involvement, please contact Greg Leman, 254.710.1343 or us the Ask Us How link.