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BBVA Competition Winners Announced

March 29, 2021

Baylor Center for Professional Selling recently held the Baylor Business Value Analysis (BBVA) competition, where students completed a value analysis delivered via video. This competition prompted students to introduce Amazon Fleet Services to 3M’s product vehicle wraps that impact driver safety by increasing visibility. Value videos were judged virtually by 91 Corporate Partners, Advisory and Ambassador board members and business executives from around the country.

Among the 85 individual competitors, the top finishers in this virtual competition are:

1. Trey Compton
2. Hannah de la Torre
3. Mex Kleiner
4. Matthew Mouton
5. Benjamin Nopper
6. Josh Palermo
7. Jacob Wassell
8. Carter Burns (tie)
8. Amanda Corts (tie)
9. Madi Butler (tie)
9. Sarah Vaughn (tie)



“This BBVA built upon our January competition – the Baylor Business Selling Outside (BBSO) competition -- where students represented 3M’s graphics solutions. In addition to strengthening our students’ knowledge about a variety of industries and customers, our students are gaining great experience working through digital and video platforms in working with customers. Our Corporate Partner, Advisory and Ambassador Board members are very generous with their time in providing rich, developmental feedback for our ProSales students. We also appreciate 3M’s Robert McCandlish and Bryan Baker for providing this very rich case for student learning,” noted Dr. Andrea Dixon, Executive Director of the Center for Professional Selling.

The BBVA allows Baylor students to see how they stack up against their peers and allows the center’s Corporate Partners to view Baylor talent as they prepare to enter the job market. In addition, top performers are awarded cash prizes.

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