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Fall 2020 Outstanding ProSales Student Coach: Victoria Whitworth

Nov. 16, 2020

Outstanding Student Coach


Victoria Whitworth

Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling (ProSales) is pleased to announce that Victoria Whitworth is the Fall 2020 Outstanding ProSales Student Coach. ProSales sponsors student involvement in four internal and six external sales competitions each year. In addition to competing, ProSales students serve as student coaches, providing rich learning opportunities for both student competitors and student coaches while building student-peer relationships and the collaborative ProSales culture.

Victoria’s peers nominated her based on her coaching for the Rocky Mountain Invitational Sales Competition (RMI) team as well as for several internal competitions. One of her younger colleagues, Paige McClelland noted, “Victoria Whitworth is an exceptional coach who possesses the unique ability to discipline and challenge paired with a selfless and caring spirit. Upon hearing Victoria was my coach, I was thrilled yet naive to how impressive and accomplished she is and how transformative my time with her would be. Victoria coached our team with grace and led by example. She was consistently positive throughout the toughest practices and devoted countless outside hours to refine our role-plays. She is quick to offer wisdom, yet patient to allow us to wrestle with the learning process personally. Her drive to see me succeed and her belief in my strengths led to the irreplaceable development I gained during RMI. I am fortunate to be coached by someone who intentionally motivates each student and knows how to make the most challenging situations fun and beneficial.”

From a peer perspective, Senior Haley O’Connor shared, “Victoria was a huge impact on my success and growth in knowledge during this past month of training. She taught us the value of time management, the best questioning strategies and how to overcome objections from multiple angles.”

Victoria Whitworth has earned top honors in external competitions, internal competitions and now as a student coach. According to her ProSales Little, Islay Lyttle, “Victoria Whitworth goes above and beyond in helping ProSales students succeed. She served as an informal coach to me as she helped me with questions I had for the BBBD and provided me with guidance where I needed it. Even aside from competition, Victoria is always willing to help any ProSales student. She is my ProSales big and truly has gone above and beyond for me and has been instrumental in my growth in the program. She also goes out of her way to be a resource to all the students in the program. One time we were on a zoom call for a role play practice and a ProSales student walked by her and she offered to help her with her role plays without even being asked! She is such a great coach and mentor to all because she offers to help rather than waiting to be asked. Even when her schedule is packed, she has always made time to answer my questions, give me advice for interviews, be a buyer for my role plays, and run through a mock interview. She truly goes above and beyond for all ProSales students no matter what!”

In congratulating Victoria Whitworth as the Fall 2020 Outstanding ProSales Student Coach, the ProSales program also congratulates two additional student coaches for their Honorable Mentions: Megan Baniewicz coached for the National Team Selling Competition (Indiana University) and Kathryn Fuller coached for the Great Northwoods Sales Warmup (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire).

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