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Student Feature - Madi Butler

Nov. 6, 2020

Headshot of Madi Butler

Created for Impact

Madi Butler is a strong, kind and determined leader. She is passionate about others and the impact she can have on them. Taking inspiration from Matthew 5:13-16, Madi believes we are called to impact others so that they may see and bring glory to God. With this in mind, Madi always gives her all: at school, at work and in her relationships. She is a leader in her sorority and a student-athlete for Baylor’s Spirit Squad. She has been a camp counselor and expanded her perspective through a five-week business study abroad program in Europe. Madi gave her all and expanded her perspective this past summer as a sales intern at Jarchem, a chemical distribution company headquartered in New Jersey.

Through the ProSales program, Madi has been able to develop critical skills with real-world application. Whereas other schools and programs may focus on test-taking and memorization, ProSales challenges its students to test their skills outside of the classroom through various events, career fairs and competitions. These opportunities have allowed Madi to hone her skills in networking and communication, practice etiquette and display her professionalism and sales knowledge. One differentiating example of this taking place was when Madi excelled in a national sales competition in Wisconsin taking 4th place overall.

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