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Student Feature - Micaela Brewer

March 20, 2020

Headshot of Micaela Brewer

Micaela is committed to serving others and creating a positive impact. The past three summers, Micaela served on mission teams in Zambia, Africa. As a member of Delta Delta Delta, she has held leadership positions on the Philanthropy and Social committees. Micaela also leads a high school senior Bible study to help girls prepare for college. Her service mindset started early as she grew up with several younger siblings who were adopted through foster care.

A double major in Professional Selling and Corporate Communication, Micaela has learned to push herself, communicate effectively, consider different perspectives, and challenge others. Other students have recognized her growth in these areas, as they frequently seek out Micaela for advice on professionalism or engaging with employers.

Micaela looks forward to beginning her career at Henry Schein Dental, where she is excited about the opportunity to serve people every day.

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