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Top Finishers of BBVA Sales Competition Announced

April 9, 2018

2018 BBVA Winners


(From left to right) Chris Nunn, Lauren Rosen, Madison Floyd, Emily McCandlish, Stephen Calcote, Paris Cabrera, Katie Milberger, Abbi Armstrong, Kaitlyn Ragsdale, Bailey Eastman

Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling announced the top finishers of the Baylor Business Value Analysis (BBVA) competition, where Baylor ProSales students introduced a price increase to a current customer and discussed the value of the customer relationship in a five-minute video format. These business value videos were judged virtually by more than 80 Corporate Partners, Advisory and Ambassador board members and business executives from around the country.

In a field of 86 individual competitors, the top finishers are:

1.   Emily McCandlish
2.   Paris Cabrera
3.   Stephen Calcote
4.   Lauren Rosen
5.   Madison Floyd (T)
5.   Abbi Armstrong (T)
6.   Katie Milberger
7.   Bailey Eastman
8.   Chris Nunn (T)
8.   Kaitlyn Ragsdale (T)

"Continuing with the theme from our January 2018 Top Gun training program, we are building our students’ capacity to engage with challenging business situations. Our goal is to ensure that ProSales students transition to the work world more effectively than the typical college student as a result of the unique developmental experiences that we offer. We include this video-based competition format to equip them for today’s digital business world. Thanks to our corporate judges who make this Baylor Business Value Analysis competition a reality,” noted Dr. Andrea Dixon, Executive Director of the Center for Professional Selling.

The BBVA allows Baylor students to see how they stack up against their peers and allows the center’s Corporate Partners and friends to view Baylor talent as they prepare to enter the job market. In addition, top performers are awarded cash prizes.

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