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Jan. 29, 2013

Like many students, junior Sean Fulton of Lubbock, TX joined a Greek organization as a freshman - not knowing what the next few years had in store. A short time after pledging, he overheard two seniors in the fraternity talking about their major.

"It was weird, they were excited about their major and had a passion about the subject matter that you just don't see often," says Fulton. After engaging them in conversation, he found out that the major was Professional Selling and decided to investigate it for himself. After deciding that he wanted to now double major in Professional Selling and Finance, Fulton began his journey in sales.

"At this point I was only involved with the social events and fun things going on with the fraternity. I hadn't really looked at leadership roles at all; but little did I know that was all about to change."

After the first two ProSales courses and Professional Development Program (PDP) events, Sean was ready to expand his role in Baylor's Greek Life.

"We went through countless role plays which helped eliminate any remaining public speaking fears and improve confidence in my abilities. There was also an extensive prospecting assignment where we had to cold call executives to participate in a web conference."

After his first round of sales classes, Sean expanded his role in Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) and ran for and won a delegate's seat on The Interfraternity Council (IFC) for 2012. For the New Year, Sean set his sights higher and was recently elected the IFC President for 2013 and Vice-President of ATO.

"If I tried to take on these responsibilities without going through the Professional Selling major, I definitely would have struggled and possibly even failed," admits Fulton. "I have to contact and work with people I just met, experiences I first went through in Pro Sales. My time management skills have also greatly improved since beginning such a comprehensive major which showed me how to plan and feel more confident in managing a list of tasks for IFC."

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