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Baylor Study Uncovers Insights About the Next Generation of Sales Professionals

Dec. 6, 2012

In fall 2012, Baylor University's Center for Professional Selling conducted a study to uncover important insights about the rising generation of sales professionals. The study, completed in partnership with the University Sales Center Alliance, generated responses from over 330 current juniors/seniors from university sales programs and over 225 responses from recent graduates of sales programs.

The robust sample produced rich information about Generation Next on a variety of important topics, relevant for universities, corporations, and corporate recruiters. Topics included:

  • Understanding the life and career priorities of the 22 year old (almost) graduate
  • Learning how today's college students want to be recruited
  • Developing meaningful messages to reach Generation Next
  • Creating meaningful internship experiences

"The study confirmed many of our suspicions about this generation and revealed some new insights, as well," said Dr. Andrea Dixon, Executive Director of the Center for Professional Selling. "Gaining the perspectives of this generational cohort helps us tailor our program and corporate relationships in a way that promotes career development, exploration, and job opportunities for our students."

Following the data collection process, representatives from Baylor's Center for Professional Selling hosted an invitation-only webinar to share the findings with corporate representatives from Fortune 100 companies. (webinar content is now available online).

"What we were able to share with the Fortune 100 corporate representatives is instrumental in terms of corporate recruiting," said Amber Adamson, head of Corporate Relations for Baylor's Center for Professional Selling. "To understand how to better reach and retain the next generation of sales professionals can be a real game-changer for the recruitment process at the university and corporate level."

Survey participants were recruited through member schools in the University Sales Center Alliance. Respondents were entered into a drawing for three, $50 gift cards to a restaurant of their choice.

Garrett Lee (University of Cincinnati), Jessica Silver (Florida State University) and Laura Dachel (University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire) were the three winners selected from over 550 entries.

To watch the webinar generated from this study, please visit:

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