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Abbi Graunke

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Headshot of Abbi Graunke

During her time at Baylor University, Abbi Graunke graduated magna cum laude with a Professional Selling major while serving as a VP for her sorority, ProSales president, and on numerous honors societies. Her favorite experience at Baylor was getting to prepare for a career in sales through the ProSales program and courses she took with hands-on, real-world experiences.

Abbi’s accomplishments in the Professional Selling program jumpstarted her career at Paycom. She began at Paycom as a Jr. Executive in the internship program. Upon graduating from Baylor, Abbi accepted a Phoenix-based full-time as sales representative role . Over the next one and a half years, she hit Executive Rep level and was promoted to Regional Learning Executive on Paycom’s internal Sales Training and Development team. After 11 months in this role, Abbi was promoted to Sales Manager of the Ft. Worth sales office.

Her early success led to her now managing the Ft. Worth team, helping sales representatives strategize account work, close business, lead sales calls, and achieve their KPIs. Her greatest accomplishment professionally is being quickly promoted only a couple years out of college, which is one of her favorite things about Paycom -- upward mobility and development opportunities. Personally, her greatest accomplishment was marrying her wonderful husband and returning to the DFW area to thrive both personally and professionally.

Abbi’s best advice is to ask yourself in every class, competition, program: “What is the purpose of this and how will I be able to use this beyond college for my future career?” As she notes, “Everything you're taught in ProSales has a purpose, and identifying that purpose will make the material, the exercise, whatever it may be much more interesting if you can connect it to your future success. Always keep the bigger picture in mind!” Abbi’s unique perspective and ability to focus on the future has led to her impressive career at Paycom!

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