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2019 BBBD - Hayes Alley - Email

Center for Professional Selling

Subject: A More Dominant Regions Bank



Hello Mr. Owen,


I hope this email finds you well. I work for Automation Anywhere and have been sharing info on our product with many Auburn alumni in the banking industry who have found it incredibly useful. I wanted to quickly reach out with the and present the same opportunity to you.


At Automation Anywhere, we employ ‘bots’ within companies that assist in completing the mundane tasks so the corporation can focus on operating at a higher level. Automation Anywhere already works with 3000+ companies in over 45 countries. In the banking industry, Automation Anywhere’s bots can assist with reconciliation and loan processing, mortgage applications and many other functions. For example, Bancolombia, a large bank in Latin America, gained 7 million in new revenue streams and experienced a 51% increase of service time.


Automation Anywhere increases efficiency and revenue for large scale corporations like Regions Bank on a scale that far outweighs the cost. If possible, I would love to continue discussing this opportunity with you over the phone or in person next Monday.




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