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Baylor Center for Professional Selling's Top Gun Training is a professional development event for ProSales students, who, through intentional professional development activities, are empowered to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful businesspeople.

The fall Top Gun program is an offsite retreat with sessions on sales improvisation, business conversations, dining etiquette and professional attire. The retreat includes a full day with business executives from Corporate Partners and Center Advisory and Ambassador Boards, where executives engage with students during workshops and provide one-on-one coaching on resumes, social media, business conversations and the interview process.

During spring Top Gun programs, executives coach and prepare students to succeed in the workplace. Highly interactive sessions engage executives and students with specific business situations. Different topics are addressed each year including sales enablement (2020), internal selling (2019), managing difficult conversations (2018), business travel and entertainment (2017), managing one’s boss (2016) and generational differences in the workforce (2015).

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