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CSS Certificate

The Certified Sales Student (CSS) offers university students recognition for going beyond minimal course requirements in preparing themselves for successful sales jobs and careers. Completing the required certification process helps students differentiate themselves in the marketplace. By denoting exceptional commitment and achievement, the program assists employers in identifying the best candidates for sales positions.

The University Sales Center Alliance (USCA), a consortium of recognized and accredited sales programs across the nation, sponsors the CSS designation.

ProSales majors automatically complete more than the minimum of 100 points towards CSS required college coursework, extracurricular activities and experiences.

Requirements for CSS Certification

Course Requirements (50 points)

  • 20 points - MKT 3310 - Professional Selling and Communications I
  • 10 points - MKT 4311 - Professional Selling and Communications II
  • 10 points - MGT 4320 - Negotiating and Conflict Resolution
  • 10 points - MKT 4310 - Sales Force Management/Leadership
  • 10 points - MKT 4320 - Marketing Channels

Experience Requirements (50 points)

  • 20 points - Baylor-approved sales internship (required for major)
  • 20 points - Participate in collegiate level sales competition (required of all majors)
  • 10 points - Shadow a salesperson/sales manager for a day (completed in ProSales II)
  • 10 points - Active member of the a ProSales planning team (Top Gun, banquet, etc.)
  • 10 points - Serve as a team leader of a ProSales planning team
  • 10 points - Participate in an organization or commercial sales training program
  • 10 points - Interact with a sales mentor for one semester
  • 10 points - Attend two meetings of professional sales organizations
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