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"More than 50% of US college graduates, regardless of their majors, are likely to work in sales at some point. But of the over 4,000 colleges in this country, less than 100 have sales programs or even sales courses."

Baylor's Center for Professional Selling is recognized as one of the top sales programs. Corporations affirm that ProSales students are prepared to make contributions in professional sales roles immediately upon graduation.

Baylor's Center for Professional Selling provides outstanding growth and development opportunities for ProSales students thanks to the support and commitment of Corporate Partners.

Corporate Partners have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in strong brand-building opportunities
  • Gain pre-screened access to qualified job candidates
  • Make an impact in the lives of students

"Baylor's Center for Professional Selling program is second to none. It is truly an exemplary, 'best in class' educational program. Few programs are able to come close to matching its faculty's focus on individual professional development."

Candace Mailand
Corporate Partner - 3M

"We've had numerous conversations with sales departments at a variety of schools nationwide and they have all referred to Baylor with the most respect. It's clear that [Baylor's ProSales] students are able to make an impact."

Demian Caponi

"Baylor ProSales students possess strong sales acumen and skills, while demonstrating outstanding leadership qualities.  They are able to step seamlessly into our internship and leadership development programs and are able to make an impact from day one."

Jordan Dwyer
Owens Corning

"Baylor ProSales students are bright, talented, dedicated to their studies, and committed to being the best salespeople they can be. They support their communities and believe/want to make a difference in the world."

Max Lazovick
Ambassador Board Member - Korn Ferry

"The ProSales program continues to impress me with the caliber of students it produces and its overwhelming investment in future sellers. I am so grateful Rackspace has the opportunity to work hand and hand."

Porcsha Presley

"Every interaction I’ve had with the students the last three years has left me saying “WOW!” These students exude the skills and character traits corporate buyers are desperately seeking from the sales professionals they engage with today."

Jay Mitchell
Ambassador Board Member - Mereo LLC

"We continue to hire Baylor ProSales students because they are creative, passionate, and driven sales professionals. Graduates are quick learners to the commercial field and already have a sales foundation to build upon to be able to provide value to our business."

Brennan Furry
PolyOne Corporation

"Baylor ProSales separates itself as a premier program with its leadership, engagement and consistent ability to produce some of the best and brightest."

Steve Talbott
Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

"Baylor ProSales is one of the top programs I've seen in the country. The amount of time, effort, and detail they put into coaching their students shines through time and time again. They continue to produce the most top talent I've seen coming from one program!"

Natalie Cass

"ProSales prepared me for a career in the business world in so many ways. Through sales competitions, networking events, and job shadows, I gained the confidence to interact with business professionals in all levels of an organization."

Olivia Offringa
Professional Selling Alumnus - OXY

"The young professionals in the Baylor Professional Selling Program are at a level of maturity, responsibility and experience that I have not seen in any other University Program. ProSales students continue to meet the needs of a dynamic business environment."

Ken Merbler
Ambassador Board Member - Brikell Consulting Group

"The students in this program are incredibly well prepared to enter a professional sales role following their education. We consider ourselves fortunate to work with such a highly talented group of students and faculty."

Mindy Holt
Liberty Mutual

"This program gives students real-world experience in the classroom and prepares them professionally and personally to excel in the corporate world. Our hiring managers are impressed with the quality of students and interactions with the program."

Kristina Valenziano
Palo Alto Networks

"The Professional Selling program allowed me to get a head start on my peers. The ProSales program also taught me that it is crucial to be myself in the business world, which includes bringing my Christian values into the workplace."

Robert McCandlish
Professional Selling Alumnus - 3M

"A strength of Baylor ProSales is the emphasis on real-life sales experience or in awfully realistic sales situations.  The facilities at Baylor for sales simulations allow the students to gain confidence that translates into a quicker start once employed."

Calvin Dennis
Ambassador Board - Insperity

Ready to Learn More?

The Explore ProSales program allows several executives and companies to examine the ProSales program at the same time. Participants meet an array of students in the process, so they understand our product development strategy from our POV and from the POV of the end product (i.e., the students).

Upcoming Explore ProSales Visits:

Wednesday, December 3, 2021

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