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S3 Tips to Fulfilling Careers

Center for Sports Strategy and Sales

Top 10 S3 Internship and Career Tips

  1. Your LinkedIn profile is your resume! Be sure S3 faculty have all relevant information. Link-in with all S3 faculty.
  2. S3 Pro Days for careers and internships are Jan 29 and March 5, 2021.
  3. All S3 MKT 4396 internships must be approved in advance with S3 faculty.
    1. Sales internships must complete 3310 and 4341 prior to an external S3 sales internship (MKT 4396).
    2. The process for all internships is located here.
    3. Good practice is to CC one or more S3 faculty when communicating about anything related to S3.
  4. Recommendations:
    1. S3 faculty will advise students after the close of the fall term whether or not faculty can recommend a student for an S3 internship.
    2. Performance matters.
  5. Postings: Keep tabs of sports-related openings on
    1. Set alerts from teams you are most interested in so you know when they post.
    2. Other good sources are the properties and agencies themselves:
  6. Timing:
    1. Most internships and many positions aren’t posted until early (sometimes late) spring for May/June starts. Relax.
    2. Corporations, in normal years, will post internships & positions in the fall for May/June starts.
  7. Network:
    1. Check openings via LinkedIn jobs, including teams, but particularly for agencies and corporations.
    2. Consider B2B sales in the business of sports.
    3. Search on LinkedIn for places you’d like to work where Baylor grads currently work. Link-in with them with a personalized invite.
    4. Never send the standard LinkedIn invite.
    5. Set up informational interviews to get to know them and what they do.
  8. Postgrad internships: If you really want to work for a team in partnerships or CRM/analytics, consider one-year postgrad positions with NFL or other teams.
  9. Degrees:
    1. Analytics: In undergrad, consider double-major in MIS or at least getting the Certificate in Business Analytics. Consider a Masters in Decision Sciences, Business Analytics or similar areas at the best-ranked schools you can gain admittance.
    2. Masters programs: Without experience, getting an MBA or other advanced degree typically does not increase starting pay. It does, however, pave the path for faster promotions.
  10. Qualifications:
    1. Search positions you would enjoy having some day in a fulfilling career.
    2. Make a list of the technical skills required if any (SQL, CRM software, HubSpot, Tableau, Google Analytics, Google Ads, etc.)
    3. Get those skills. Can be BU MIS courses or online certifications such as those listed above.
    4. Do NOT apply for positions more than 2-3 months in advance. If it’s posted now, they often want someone in place in the next 30-60 days.
    5. Apply for positions you are qualified to obtain. They’ll sometimes give a break on number of years of experience by 1-2 years, but not likely on required tools.
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