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Center for Sports Strategy and Sales


The scholarships below are available to juniors and senior in the S3 major or tracks in the Sports Strategy and Sales (S3) program. All applicants for scholarships must FIRST complete a student FAFSA form to certify financial need. Awards do not require financial need certification. Minimum GPA is 3.0.

Follow this link to apply for scholarships and fellowships by March 31.

Kanaly Family Sports Strategy and Sales (S3) Scholarship: Selection based on scholastic merit, service and need. For this $1500 scholarship, applicants should provide evidence of work ethic and service to others, in addition to their career plans and reasons for pursuing a degree in the Sports Strategy and Sales program.

There are several other sales & marketing scholarships available to S3 majors which may be found here.

Paid Internships with Baylor Athletics

Students may earn $8-10 an hour for up to 8 hours a week during the school year to gain experience and financial support. Go here to learn more.

Summer Internships

Virtually all S3 summer internships between the junior and senior year are paid at a level to not incur additional costs. Exceptions exist under special circumstances.

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