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Center for Sports Strategy and Sales

The S3 program prepares students for careers as leaders in the business of sports. The S3 courses are taken as part of the Marketing major in the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Select one of the tracks below as an S3 emphasis in the Marketing major.

S3 Declaration

Please declare yourself as an S3 program member with an emphasis in sales or analytics by completing this form to obtain priority seating in S3 courses.

You may join the Pre S3 Elite by completing the S3 Admissions Form before you arrive at Baylor or as a freshman or sophomore. S3 classes are in high demand with limited seating.

BBA Core

Forty-eight hours from the BBA Core form the basis of business knowledge for S3 majors. The core forms the foundation for all business majors at Baylor.

Program Tracks

In the S3 program you may choose one of two parallel tracks that determine your internship and path to finding a fulfilling career with a company, agency, third-party rights holder, professional team or NCAA member. Taking the courses in order in the junior year allows us to help you find relevant internships in the summer between the junior and senior years.

  • Analytics: Sound data strategy enables brands, (eSports) teams, media and agencies to plan, lead, organize and control marketing and sales strategies. Students learn to manage, analyze, report and deliver actionable data insights to drive revenue for sports and entertainment properties. Students completing the S3 Analytics emphasis in the Marketing major should also complete the requirements for the Hankamer School of Business Certificate in Business Analytics. Careers begin with teams, agencies, and brands leading to executive leadership positions. S3 Alumni Advisors:
  • Sales Leadership: We prepare you for a career as a leader in professional or collegiate sports. With teams, careers begin in developing new business for season memberships and group sales, before moving to positions with greater responsibility and influence leading to management and executive positions. We prepare students to generate revenue through ticket and partnership sales representing eSports, professional and collegiate teams and third-party rights holders (for NCAA properties). As servant leaders our values are in people, purpose and performance, in that order. S3 Alumni Advisors:
    • Todd Pollock (2006), Senior Vice President of Ticketing and Suites, Vegas Golden Knights
    • Brian George (2007), Vice President, Texans Luxe, Houston Texans
    • Haley Meier (2007), Director of Tourism and Group Sales, Orlando Magic
    • Lindsay Beale (2010), Vice President, Business Development, San Antonio Spurs
    • Chase Jolesch (2010), Chief Operating Officer, Henderson (Vegas) Golden Knights
    • Blake Pallansch (2015), Associate Athletic Director, University of Tennessee
    • Stephen Gray (2011), Senior Manager, Austin Spurs/Spurs Sports and Entertainment

S3 Courses

I. University/BBA Core  
II. S3 Courses for Emphasis in the Marketing Major 6 hours + 3 hours internship




Students may choose the Sales or Analytics track, or may include both using upper-level electives.



MKT 3310 - Professional Selling and Communication (Fall only with L.Wakefield)

MKT 4341 - Professional Selling and Communication for Sports II (Spring, Junior)


MKT 4342 - Sports Marketing Analytics (Fall only with K.Wakefield) Tools: SPSS

MKT 4360 - Customer Analytics (Spring only with K.Wakefield) Tools: SPSS, JASP (R), CRM

All S3 Students

MKT 4396 - Sports Marketing Internship (Summer after junior year)

III. Certificate in Business Analytics Recommended for S3 Analytics track 9 hours

MIS 4340 - Database Management (Fall; Jr/Sr) Tools: SQL, database admin, security

MIS 4360 - Data Visualization  (Spring; Jr/Sr) Tools: Tableau

MIS 4344 - Business Intelligence (Senior) Tools: SAS, predictive modeling

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