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The S3 course plan is taken as part of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

BBA Core

Fourty-eight hours from the BBA Core form the basis of business knowledge for S3 majors. The core forms the foundation for all business majors at Baylor.

Program Tracks

As an S3 major, you may choose one of the four tracks that determine your internship with a collegiate or professional team, company or agency:

  • Ticket Sales: Professional selling of sports season tickets, groups, and premium seating. The surest way to the major leagues.
  • Strategic Partnerships & Branded Content: Careers negotiating, planning and executing strategic partnerships employing branded content and experiences through sports & entertainment. Likely path to careers with brands and agencies, as well as selling and activating partnerships for teams.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Analytics: Managing, analyzing, reporting, and delivering actionable data insights to drive revenue for sports & entertainment properties. Fastest growing field in sports & entertainment. Careers available at teams, agencies, and brands.
  • College Athletics Resource Development (CARD): Raising funds from donors, partners, ticket buyers, and other resources to generate revenue for college athletic departments. This 4+1 five year program concludes with a MSEd in Baylor's Sport Management program in the School of Education. S3 majors must take 9 hours of graduate course credit toward the MSEd before graduating from the Hankamer School of Business with an S3 degree. 


S3 Degree Plan

I. University/BBA Core --
II. S3 Major Required Courses 15 hours + 3 hours internship

MKT 3310 - Professional Selling & Communication (Fall, Junior - permit only with Lehnus)

MKT 3325 - Consumer Behavior (Fall, Junior - permit only with Wakefield)

MKT 3330 - Marketing Research & CRM (Spring, Junior - permit only with Wakefield)

MKT 4341 - Professional Selling and Communication for Sports II (Spring, Junior)

MKT 3341 - Values Based Leadership in Sports (Fall, Senior)

MKT 4396 - Sports Marketing Internship (Summer after junior year)

III. Choose one of the following courses   3 hours

MKT 4310 - Sales Force Mgmt/Leadership* 

MKT 3320 - Advertising Principles** (Tyrha M. Lindsey-Warren)

MKT 4350 - Digital Marketing** (Tyrha M. Lindsey-Warren)

MKT 4397 - S3 Global Sports Business Analytics*** (Summer Baylor Abroad Program)

MIS 4340 - Database Management*** (Fall; Jr/Sr)

MIS 4v98 - Data Visualization*** (Spring; Jr/Sr)

MIS 4344 - Business Intelligence*** (Senior)

*Ticket Sales **Strategic Partnerships & Branded Content ***CRM & Analytics 
Recommended Electives
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