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S3 Vision

Instill integrity in the business of sports & entertainment.

S3 Values

The acronym WINS represents Work ethic, Integrity, Networking relationships, and Spirit.

S3 Mission

To faithfully live lives of integrity marked by a strong work ethic in order to influence and transform relationships in the sports industry one person at a time.

S3 Club

The S3 Club is open to all majors. Freshmen and sophomores interested in pursuing a bright future in sports & entertainment as an S3 major are particularly encouraged to join.

S3 Pods

All S3 majors and club members are placed in pods representing freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors in the program. S3 pods form the leadership & communication structure for S3 for you to get to know each other, learn about the major, and build your current and future network within the sports industry. Pods will compete for awards for highest total attendance at S3 Club Meetings.


S3 Club Meetings

At the root of a bright future is living with integrity, guided by compassion, honesty and optimism. In fact, according to a study by Bentley University, the top quality sought by employers in hiring millennials is integrity. But, what is integrity?

Integrity is not something you have or don't have. Integrity is part of our development into people who "have the courage to meet the demands of reality." Integrity consists of six essential qualities that determine success. Integrity is at the center of all we do in S3.

Executives, managers, and employees from sales & analytics will engage with students in hands-on training and experiential learning.

S3 Club Schedule

  1. NCAA Kickoff to S3 Careers: Learn more about S3, our partnership with BU Athletics, and careers in the business of college athletics.
  • 9/3 5:30-7:00 pm
  • Foster 250
  1. eSports Night: Open play on video games followed by guest speaker panel from Envy GG, Mavs GG and Ubisoft.
  • 10/3 5:30-6:45 S3 Club Meeting
  • Free Pizza (come a few minutes early to get it hot)
  • Foster 250
  1. Digital Marketing: S3 partner 4Front shares insights into careers in sports through digital marketing tools.
  • 11/14 5:30-7:00 pm
  • Foster 143/144
  1. S3 Data Analytics Conference: Open to all undergradute and graduate students in the business school.
  • 1/31 Noon-1pm
    • Vitek's Gut Packs & Business Analytics Panel
    • Foster 250
  1. S3 Pro Day & Conference: Open to all MKT S3 Track and S3 Majors.
  • 2/13 5:30-6:45
    • Sports Sales Panel
    • Foster 250
  • 2/14 8:00 am-5:00pm Career Fair for Sales Internships & Careers in Sports
    • Foster 250
  1. Careers in Corporations & Media: Open to all MKT S3 Track and S3 Majors.
  • 3/5 5:30-6:45pm
    • Professional panel from AT&T,  AT&T Sportsnet, and Fox Sports Southwest
    • Foster 250


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